Tips on How To Make A Vintage Wardrobe

The transition bandage is not difficult to break. It’s what it really means. Dress in clothes that can pass from one season to another. It’s not rocket science for ace, most of us who don’t necessarily buy new clothes every season, we already practice transitional clothing without realizing it. But what we don’t recognize is that we are doing a great work by practicing this form of style. Having a transition wardrobe is an important factor when we speak of a conscious way of consuming fashion. It is a contribution to sustainability in fashion when you look at the big picture because you are simply consuming less and making the most of what you have.

However, for those of you who need a bit of guidance on exactly what advice to follow in order to perform the transition bandage correctly, we have jotted down all the things you need to keep in mind. Scroll!

What you will need for a transitional wardrobe:

  1. Wardrobe Staples Are Your Best Friends
  2. The foundation of any good wardrobe for that matter, not just a transitional one, is having a good variety of wardrobe staples. They’re called wardrobe basics because of their versatile style and the fact that they’ll come in handy when you need them; basically, they transcend the seasons. A good pair of jeans, a jean jacket, etc., are pieces to name. You can read more about wardrobe basics every woman should have here.
  1. Classics On Trends
  2. Trends, as they say, come and go and that is why they are not suitable for a transition wardrobe. You want to invest in clothes that are classic, never go out of style, and therefore appropriate during summer, winter, and monsoon. Classic pieces are somewhat similar to wardrobe basics, but they are a bit more elegant. Sure, a fashion piece or two would do no harm, but the bulk of your wardrobe should consist of blouses and jackets with appropriate cuts for summers and winters, etc.
  1. Always Choose The Right Fabrics
  2. When selecting a transition wardrobe, you need to be careful about the choice of fabrics. For extreme winters, you need thick clothing to keep you warm. Take, for example, wool and silk, which are both natural and insulating materials. For summers, you will need light pieces. Cotton is a no-brainer, but silk can also be used for higher temperatures. However, whatever clothing you choose should be ideally natural and highly breathable so that you can wear it during the transition period where we move from one season to the next.
  3. Monitor the quality of clothing.
    The idea of ​​curating a transitional wardrobe is to invest in clothes that will last long. So that means not only buying clothes that are classic, but also that are durable and can withstand wear and tear, limiting how much you need to buy.
  1. Stock Up On The Right Accessories
  2. Bags and clothes are the two accessories you need to complete your outfit. So which are the best considering a transitional wardrobe? Bags that are high-quality to last longer are built to suit your needs, which means having enough pockets and in colors that will match most of your outfits. Trends like mini bags can look pretty but have little or no functionality. The same ideology also applies when it comes to shoes. A pair of shoea and comfortable sandals are meant for everyday use, running shoes are some of those which go well with almost everything.

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