Falling in Love With Soft Dresses This Fall

Women’s clothing is deliberately made from materials that are lighter and softer to embrace feminine beauty. The different textile materials have varied characteristics according to the morphology, composition used in the material, number of threads, gsm (weight of the fabric) and texture of the fabric. Some of the properties are inherently present in selected materials (such as silk is naturally soft) and some fabrics are manipulated in the textile manufacturing and finishing stages.

Designers select the right fabrics and colors for women’s dresses that are lighter and softer to the touch (sometimes see-through) and with certain draped qualities so that the garment can reveal curves and enhance feminine beauty. The dress made must be able to fall and wrap according to the creativity of the designer. An incorrectly selected material can spoil the whole idea. Silk, modal, viscose (Liva) are exclusive fabrics for women.

On the other hand, men’s clothing is selected with slightly thicker, heavier structures and colors such as navy blue, hunter green, and black to manifest masculinity.

Clothes should be chosen more carefully for babies, preferably from natural fibers such as one hundred percent cotton.

This fall we have a stunning collection of soft dresses for women.

1. Sweater Jacket + Turtleneck + Faux Leather Short

Double Breasted Embellished Button Sweater Blazer

NEW$118.40 marked down from $148.00

$148.00 $118.40

Price Reflects 20% Off

2. Sleeveless Mock Neck Sweater + Pencil Skirt

High Waisted Midi Sweater Pencil Skirt

NEW$48.00 marked down from $80.00

$80.00 $48.00

Price Reflects 40% Off

3. Scoop Neck Sweater Bodysuit + Pencil Skirt

High Waisted Midi Sweater Pencil Skirt

NEW$48.00 marked down from $80.00

$80.00 $48.00

Price Reflects 40% Off

4. Belted Coat + Sweater Bodysuit + Sweater Leggings

Belted Wrap Front Felt Coat

$136.80 marked down from $228.00

$228.00 $136.80

Price Reflects 40% Off

5. Cable Knit Cami Sweater + Shrug + Joggers

Super High Waisted Cable Knit Sweater Joggers

NEW$48.00 marked down from $80.00

$80.00 $48.00

Price Reflects 40% Off

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