Control Eating Habits To Save On Calories

If you dream of having a holistic nutritionist on speed dial, meet blogger Brittany. He has many tips for leading a balanced life using alternative medicines and vegan ingredients. Brittany shares recipes you won’t find anywhere (hello, chocolate chia pudding), along with travel stories of healthy goodies in hidden gem cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Charleston, South Carolina.

The Art of A Healthy Life

Becky Stafferton is the health enthusiast behind Art of Healthy Living, a blog written by experts dedicated to information on diet and fitness, as well as beauty and general wellness. You can easily navigate this blog based on each of these categories, and you can also find reviews of specific diets, beauty treatments, vacation spots, and more. Check out the recipe section to help you keep up with your own health goals while giving you a chance to try something new.

Natural Life Ideas

Fitness and nutrition are undoubtedly key components of a healthy life, but some might argue that a green life is just as important. If you’re curious about what a green lifestyle is all about, check out Natural Living Ideas. You will learn how to start your own garden, as well as other topics related to agriculture, aromatherapy, DIY cleaning products, and much more. If you are a coffee lover, you can even learn how to recycle used coffee grounds to use in your garden.

Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition is at the heart of any healthy lifestyle, but starting with the “right” eating plan can be overwhelming. Nutrition Stripped can be a good starting point if you are looking for ways to change your eating habits for more nutritious and mindful ones without sacrificing taste. Led by nutritionist McKel Kooienga, readers can learn important information about the importance of nutrition and general health, while learning some new (and tasty) recipes. If you want to work with McKel, you can also check out their paid membership opportunities as well as individual training.

The Complete Help

A plant-based diet is far from limited, and this blog is proof of that. If you’re new to a vegan lifestyle or looking to experiment with more plant-based foods, consider using The Full Helping as a starting point. This blog is led by Gena Hamshaw, a Registered Dietitian who has developed numerous recipes and written cookbooks dedicated to the goal of living life to the fullest (and if her Vegan Pantry Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese recipe has made you hungry, you’re not! only!). If you are curious to work directly with Gena, you can check out her nutrition counseling opportunities.

The Fit Foodie

Any personal trainer will tell you the importance of nutrition in achieving your fitness goals. In a world increasingly offering “convenience” foods for fitness, it can be difficult to get started in the kitchen to make your own whole-grain meals. This is where Sally and her blog, The Fit Foodie, can help. You’ll easily find pre- and post-workout snacks and lean meals, as well as plant-based and low-carb recipes that fit a variety of meal plans. Sally also offers tips on green living and better working conditions to help you complete your healthiest life yet.

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